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POST Service & Consulting Limited (from here on referred to as "PSC", "we", "us", and "ours") aims to respect your privacy, whilst providing the best possible service. This policy will assist you in understanding the processing of personal data by PSC. This privacy policy applies to both the websites hosted by PSC and the software that PSC provides (from here on collectively referred to as “PSC Services”, and “our services”) The data processing that occurs through PSC is in accordance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective May 25, 2018.

What data gets collected and how is it used?

Any information that you provide to us. When you enter personal information during the use of our services, this information will be used for the intended use. To exemplify (though not exclusively), if you enter your e-mail address to sign up for a newsletter, this e-mail address will be collected and stored in order to send you our newsletter in the future. In order to provide our services, optimize & improve them and to protect our users we collect and process usage information. This means that requests and action that are taken during the usage of our services may be processed by us in order to deliver our services. This may also include crash data. To further create an understanding of this information device information such as browser, system information or language is collected and sometimes logged. Aside for the internet communication the IP address is usually not stored or anonymized, to reduce the amount of personal information collected. For the websites some of this data is collected through the use of Google Analytics (Art. 6. (1) lit. f GDPR) a product of Google LLC (Certified under the Privacy Shield: Google Analytics is a web analytics tool to analyze website behavior. This tool uses cookies. Please review Google’s Privacy Policy: To Opt-out you can use this link: Our websites and services we may use a Facebook Marketing Services (Art. 6. (1) lit. f GDPR), a service offered by Facebook Inc. which is certified under the Privacy Shield: Facebook Marketing Services and it’s Facebook Pixel is services that allows to track user behavior on a website and measure the effectivity of ads. Further it allows the audience definition for further marketing activities. For more information please read:, if you do to wish to be targeted by customized ads by Facebook, please view these settings: Some services may use Cookies to provide, improve, protect, and promote our Services. Cookies are small files stored on the user’s computer containing small pieces of information that allow for website personalization or identification.

What data gets collected and how is it used?

Personal information is not shared unless where necessary, as stated below, to provide the services and products. We provide some services through the use of service providers, meaning that personal information may be transmitted to and from service providers in order to fulfill the offerings. Personal data may be disclosed if PSC is under legal duty to disclose or share it, in order to protect the rights, property or safety of its business or to comply with legal obligations (Art. 6 (1) lit. c GDPR). On the basis of Art. 6. (1) lit. f GDPR in our legitimate interest we must share some personal information or pseudonymized information with service providers to process the data, to fulfill and administer services and orders, analyze data, provide marketing assistance, to operate the website, troubleshoot or to provide customer support. Such companies may include hosting providers, data communication and processing providers, providers of fraud monitoring and prevention providers, email delivery service providers, data analysis services providers, social media, and other marketing platforms and service providers. Some of the services used on our website are Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, jQuery or Cookie Consent Bar by Silktide Ltd. Some service providers, to which personal data may be transferred may reside outside of the European Union. Some of the destinations will operate in nations that have different data protection laws than the EU, of which some may not be of the same standard. PSC solely selects service providers that process personal data safely and with respect to your privacy and have adequate measures in place to protect against unauthorized access, loss, modification or destruction.

Data retention and storage of data

Users have the right to be informed about what personal information, amend, or ask for removal of the data by contacting us. Generally personal information is only stored for the duration while it is being processed. Only in few cases it may be stored over the course of one or two weeks (for example against ad fraud protection, latency in backups) or longer if required to oblige to legal requests. Some personal information that has been pseudonymized or anonymized may be stored and processed for a longer time period. This means that no information that can allows the identification of you as a user remains in the data set.

User Rights

You as the user are entitled to have control over your personal information, how it is collected, used and shared. This means you have the right to redeem your data, change or correct, erase or delete data related to you. Further you have the right to withdraw from further data processing. This withdrawal right can be taken by deinstalling the PSC software and services from your computer. By following our guide to delete our software the software will be fully removed from your computer and no unless you show further interaction with us, no data can be transferred. If you use multiple PSC software products, you must undergo the deinstallation process for all. You also have the right to consult your local data protection supervisory authority


We reserve the right to amend, revise or alter this privacy policy from time to time, by posting an updated version on our website. Please revise these changes by visiting our website. In the case of a merger, reorganization, acquisition or sale of assets your information may be transferred as part of that deal. In this case you will be notified of such transfer, as long as we have a possibility of communicating with you. In such case you have the option to withdraw from the transfer. If we don’t have the necessary information to contact you (via e-mail, or mail), you are required to inform yourself about such changes by visiting our website, from time to time.

Contact us

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy of our services, or your data? Feel free to contact us or our data protection officer at